Linking Digital Storytelling, and Technobiophilia

I think digitial story telling and technobiophilia are very similar. Both story telling and biophilia have been around forever. I feel there are pros and cons to technology with both of them. The cons will only come if done the wrong way. For example peeople stop telling stories and spend all their time watching movies or never going outside. However,a  positive impact would be now people all over the world could see a beautiful nature landscape or hear a great story they would have never been able to before without technology#metaliteracy


Technobiophilia:nature and cyberspace

My favorite part is that she understands nobody is going to comletely give up their technology to go out to nature full time. I loved her solution to try and use new technology to help us see natrue more#metaliteracy

Digital storytelling and metaliteracy

Last week we joined a chat room with some professors from various colleges. Two of them talked about how story telling has evolved into a digital age and then answered questions from us and other people. I think that digital storytelling is great because instead of telling a story to a group of friends or room of people you can post it on a blog or a forum and have it reach potentially thousands of people at once. I look forward to learning more about metaliteracy as I do participate in social media a lot as well as on forums and other online social places.